East World Mart
East World Mart
East World Mart is a farming resource community made of farms all over the east. The purpose is to help farmers find resources, find tenants, and resale goods. It is a an Enginemodo project. Enginemodo brings products to consumers to make their lives better. This includes sustainable innovation.

Building Family Business on Farm At A Time
Farming is the Future-Farmers Make Jobs

The Mission

  • Help farmers expand their farms
  • Reduce world hunger
  • Feed the community
  • Reduce poverty
  • Farmers add to the economy
  • Create agroprenuers and help people start their family business

For Farmers please contact about: Farming Insurance for floods or droughts

Revenue Plan for Farmer

Poultry and fish revenu plan

  • Sell the fish at one dollar ,but raise the fish until age 9 months
  • Sell the fish at market and return price belongs to investor

  • Sell the poultry egg or yearling owner raises stock. Food water costs are free or taken out of ale of animal at the butcher

  • Farmer sells Tenant Space to another Farmer- tenant pays in agreed crops or rent

  • Poultry revenu sources are for duck geese, ostrich and quail.
  • Eggs

Sale bird at nine months

One pack of feathers

Revenue Site Plan

  • Sell Apparatus To Vendors- Site sponsorship from banks in return for loans to farmers

  • Capital Cash Loans will not go over 12.50 per year US dollars with payback at 25.00

  • Equipment Loans from bank or Lenders will also start as 25.00.

  • Solar system 2.50

  • Flood And Drought Insurance 1.00

  • Marketing from Hero Media. 1.00

Please send email for share cropping, loans, and  tenant questions to parkeryl@yahoo.com