East World Mart
The Hero Channel
The Hero Channel brings a plethora of media, which includes, news, serials, online magazines, games, apps, steaming, live, tapped, online forum discussion and online TV in one place. The hero channel is slowing building this network, the will be provided to our base this year.
Hope Virtual Hospital
Hope Virtual Hospital is an online doctor registry. We envision a virtual hospital chain connecting hospitals, clinics to patients around the world that can be used by nursing homes other healthcare clients, as well as corporations. This a virtual network is poised to address the shortage of doctors and lack of quality customer service in the healthcare industry. It is designed specifically for those in rural areas and populations that cannot afford healthcare services.

Lytecom is a solar manufacturer and e-commerce marketplace. It strives to provide solar powered water filtration systems to various consumers who are citizens of some of the poorest countries in Africa and Asia
Capturing your dreams
Agrobuisness, farmers, micro loans
  1. Baragi Farms
    Baragi Farms
    Needs 15,000 USD for 10 cows and machinery for Dairy Farms
  2. Sanshi Farms
    Sanshi Farms
    He wants to raise 7500 US for a shed so he can expand into vegetable gardening.
  3. Tuba Farms
    Tuba Farms
    He would like 15000 for machinery to set up Sugar manufacturing to serve surrounding areas.